Sunday, September 18, 2011

Into the Vault: Hazarax -Agressive Old School Philly Death/Thrash

Formed in 1988 in the Philadelphia area, there really isn't a whole lot of other info floating around out there about these guys. Which really is a shame because I sure as hell would like to get my hands on a copy of their demo, in any format. If anyone out there is reading this and has access to it, hit me up at cause I'd love to get the rest of it up online for everyone to enjoy.
*Unknown guy rocking a Hazarax shirt. Circa 1988 @ Faith or Fear show @ Empire Rock Club.

For the most part everything I've come across regarding these guys has them labeled as Death Metal, but I can't help but hear the type of aggressive crossover Thrash in these guys you find in a band like Sacred Reich or Nuclear Assault with a bit of Dark Angel thrown in. Maybe I'm crazy, but then again I'm not exactly the best person in the universe when it comes to actually reviewing music, go figure. Either way, give these guys a listen and make sure you leave some comments on the video, let these guys know how their music has held up over the years. I think it's done a pretty damn good job!

Taken from their 3 song demo 'Altered Faith Disorder' (1990)


  1. Hey man! I'm Jason, the guitarist for Hazarax. That pic you have of us is old as fuck, I replaced the blonde dude in '89 - we put out this demo in '90. I'd gladly send you Mp3's of our 'Altered Faith Disorder' demo, thanks for the mention bro! get in touch - HAILS!!!!

  2. Wow, bringing back memories. Hazarax was by far the most original metal band in the Philly scene back in the late 80s, early 90s.

  3. Holy Shit this is my bro jasons band!!! He commented above. These guys fuckin rule.I was at some shows at g wilikers when I was a kid

  4. I remember growing up in Levittown and seeing a Hazarax sticker on every stop sign.