Sunday, September 11, 2011

Free Outdoor Thrash Show!!! FDR Skate Park: Philly, PA 10/1/11

That's right you F**KEN MANIACS, you heard it here first! It's FREE & All Ages. Help spread the fire cause this is going to be INSANE!!!! You'll see.

All Ages!!!

Anvil Bitch - Legendary Old School Philly Thrash, Tearing it up since 1985!

Possessor - Pure EVIL New School Thrash from Virginia since 2009

Citadel - Old School Philly Speed Metal from Frankford since 1986

Condition Critical - New School Ragers from South Jersey. Think Kreator meets Morbid Saint & Demolition Hammer in the middle of hell.

Bitchslicer - Obscene Philly Thrash since 2001

God Sex Weapons - New School Bangers from Levittown, PA

Special Guest:
DJ GR/EG - Host of Philly's Metal Mondays & Hessian Aggression, who will be spinning nothing but the finest old school metal on vinyl between bands.

*For those of you not familiar with FDR Skate park, it's located in the back of FDR park in South Philly, directly underneath 95. The entrance into the park is located on 20th & Pattison ave. Just follow the loop around and you'll see the park under 95 to your right.

Keep up with what's going on:
Free Outdoor Thrash Show FB Event Page

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