Sunday, October 3, 2010

Violator - Violent Mosh

EP, Kill Again Records

Pedro Arcanjo - Bass, vocals
Pedro Augusto - Guitars
Juan Lerda - Guitars
David Araya - Drums

Additional backing vocals by Itazil Júnior (Flashover).

*Originally recorded and released on the "Fast Food Thrash Metal Compilation" by
Independência Records.

Violent Mosh was also released as a K7 tape in Bolivia by Grim Art Prods,
limited to 666 copies. It was re-released in November 2008, as Gatefold LP +
Patch in a limited edition of 666 copies by Iron Bonehead Productions / Metaleros Records
(IBP 053 / MET 003). This version contained a bonus track, "Massacre", as well.

1. Let The Violation Begin
2. Thrash Maniacs
3. Artillery Attack
4. The Plague Never Dies
5. Shadow Of Death *
6. Killer Instinct *

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