Sunday, October 3, 2010

DRI - Definition

Full-length, Rotten
October 20th, 1992

Kurt Brecht - Vocals
Spike Cassidy - Guitars
John Menor - Bass
Rob Rampy - Drums

This is the first album with Rob Rampy and the last album with John Menor.

There is a bonus track called ''Out of Mind'' on the vinyl version.

The Japanese CD edition (PCCY-00401) features two bonus tracks: 6. Hide Your Eyes (inserted between 5. The Application and 7. Paying to Play) and 14. Out of Mind (inserted between 13. You and 15. The Target).

Re-release CD contains a bonus track.

1. Acid Rain
2. Tone Deaf
3. Guilt Trip
4. Hardball
5. The Application
6. Paying To Play
7. Say It
8. Dry Heaves
9. Don't Ask
10. Time Out
11. Let It Go
12. You
13. The Target

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