Friday, February 5, 2010

Toxic Holocaust - Evil Never Dies

Full-length, Witches Brew
October 1st, 2003

- Original CD released on Witches Brew limited to 1000 hand numbered copies.

- Released on vinyl by Nuclear War Now! Productions.

- Pro-cassette version by Scenester Bloodbath Records, limited to 100 copies with three bonus tracks, all Sodom covers (Outbreak of Evil/Witching Metal/Burst Command til War)
- Also released on Gloom Records in 2005 with the Death Master 7" and 'Created to Kill' as bonus tracks, and with a different cover.

- Picture disc released by Hell's Headbangers, limited to 333 copies with one bonus track: Louder Than Hell (NME cover) ; 1-6 is side "Radiation", 7-12 is side "Fallout"- The song "War is Hell" is featured on Earache's 2008 "Thrashing Like a Maniac"

- Reissued by Relapse Records in 2008
100 clear
300 yellow
300 black and
300 black/yellow.1.Evil Never Dies
2.War Is Hell
3.Enemy of Jesus
4.Damned to Fire
7.Summon the Beast
10.Dead to the World
12.Atomik Destruktor

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