Friday, February 5, 2010

Toxic Holocaust - Critical Mass

CD-R Demo, Self Released
February 2002

The cassette of the Critical Mass CD-R was released in Europe as a
cooperation release between Deathstrike Records, Hades Paradise Distribution and
RACB Records in a limited edition of 222 copies.

Rancor Records released a different cassette for the US in an edition of 111 copies.

The CD-R version from Nuclear Hell Records is limited to 333 copies, making a total of 666

The Demo has been re-released on vinyl in early 2006 with new artwork, layout &
a photo collage in a Gatefold cover with large full color poster (18" x 24").

First 100 copies are splatter vinyl.
Also a Limited picture disc version is

2.Damned to Fire
3.I´m Not Dead
4.Dead to the World
7.The Need to Kill
8.Sacrifice (Bathory cover)
9.Prelude to War
10.The Stalker
11.Atomik Destruktor
12.Whores & Vodka

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