Saturday, May 5, 2012

Infiltrator: Philadelphia's KILLER New Speed Metal Assault!!!

In this grimy hostile wasteland of a city that has been over-saturated with grindcore & crust for far too long, Philadelphia's NEED FOR SPEED has finally been answered thanks to one brave man by the name of Steve Jansson, sole member and founder of Philadelphia's brand new Speed Metal outfit Infiltrator. A friend of mine recently passed along the link to their Bandcamp page and I just about fell out of my chair when the vocals to Hell Ripper kicked in, a relentless throat grabbing five minutes and thirty seconds of pure ugly speed aggression, with some pretty epic elements brought along for the ride. At first I was like 'this can't be from Philly, no way!' and had to double check this awesomeness that seemed way too good to be true, but much to my pure fucking pleasure it was TRUE, literally.

After scanning every square inch of my computer screen for more info on these guys I realized there was another song! Yes! Crush the False, a six minute deceleration of destruction which opens up with a bit of fast pace soloing that almost sets you up mentally for a Power Metal track, expecting that double bass to come rolling in but it never comes. Instead our old familiar friend comes cutting in, taking off without mercy and dragging us right alongside him.

After giving both these songs a good couple of dozen listens, I immediately got in contact with the guy responsible for this madness to try and find out just what's going on with Infiltrator. From what I've gathered he is currently assembling musicians to play out live and has hopes of hooking up with another band for a possible split. I am definitely going to be keeping my eye's on this one!

Infiltrator FB Page 

You can hear them here on their Bandcamp page:
Hell Ripper
Crush the False 

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