Saturday, February 4, 2012

*NEWS FLASH* Updates on the Upcoming Fallout Attacks!!!

All right everyone, as some of you may have noticed I've been neglecting the hell out of the blog lately but it's all been for some pretty damn good reasons. And as I'm sitting here stuffing my face full of Ramen noodles I figured I'd take a few minutes to give everyone a little heads up on what's been going on behind the blast-proof doors here in the Fallout-shelter.

As you should know, we just had a ridiculously insane night of total old school mayhem with Whiplash & Morbid Saint tearing up the stage, bodies on bodies from all the maniacs ripping it up in the pit and stage diving like the place was on fire. Let's not forget about Anvil Bitch, Condition Critical & the Mighty Midnight Hellion that got the place going! So far we've gotten a good bit of photos from the people that were there and some videos have cropped up on youtube but I know there's more! So send them to us if you've got them and we'll get them up online asap:

For those of you that haven't seen them yet, check out the killer photos we do have:
Falloutzine FB Page
Blow The Scene

I'm hoping to get a decent show review together but we'll see just how quickly that happens....haha

Right now I am working on the very first printed edition of Falloutzine, done up right: old school cut & paste style but with just a bit more quality to it. So far I've gotten a handful of album/demo reviews done, show reviews, show news, interviews, lots of photos and a whole lot more. I'm planning on doing a few book/zine reviews along with some other cool stuff so if you've got something worth reviewing then drop me a line. Are you an awesome artist with an eye for old school evil ? A real artist, not just ultra polished digital computer art? If so, drop me a line, we could use you.

On top of that, I have found what could possibly become our new home-base for hosting local shows on a pretty regular basis. 100% mosh friendly, All Ages, 21+ to drink and we'll be able to keep the door cost down to a bare minimum. So keep an eye out for that and a whole lot more.

This concludes the end of our emergency broadcast, you may now return to your regularly scheduled PROGRAMING.

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