Thursday, January 27, 2011

Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse

Full-length, Combat Records
June 1985

Produced by Jay Jones
Engineered by Dean ''Goatie'' Davis
Mastered at: ''Frankort Wayne Studios'' by Tom Coyne
Recorded and Mixed: Somewhere in L.A., CA
Dec.-'84/Jan - Feb '85

Line-up :
John Cyriis : Vocals
Juan Garcia : Lead guitars
Kurt Kilfelt : Guitars
George Robb : Bass
Chuck Profus : Drums

This album is now available as reissue done by Century Media in 1999. Catalog number of this editon is 66009-2, and it has two bonus tracks:
10. Calling 98 for Skeptics [0:57]
11. The Unexpected (Live) [5:06]
The live bonus track was recorded at Hammersmith, 6/20/87 and appears on the video release of that concert.

Reissued again in 2008 with an extra bonus track:
12. The Ripper

"Back to Reign" was recorded with new lyrics and the title "Debt of Pain" by
Kurt Kilfelt's next band, Holy Terror, on their album Mind Wars.

1. The Calling
2. Agents of Steel
3. Taken by Force
4. Evil Eye/Evil Minds
5. Bleed for the Godz
6. Children of the Sun
7. 144,000 Gone
8. Guilty as Charged
9. Back to Reign

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