Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Slayer's Reign in Blood (33 1/3) - D.X. Ferris

Book review by: Blood Read (

The typical analysis or oral history of SLAYER usually comes down to their passionate fans yelling out "F-KING SLAYER!" or people on the other side that dismiss them as childish. D.X. Ferris has delivered a fascinating read with much more substance.

Focused on the undeniable classic thrash album "Reign in Blood", Ferris explores everything about the band from the musical recording of the album, the always bizarre behind the scenes record industry maneuvering, and puts the career of a legendary band into perspective.

A thorough book about an iconic album which is their brutal masterpiece, with quotes from not only the band members and people who worked on the album, but a never-ending stream of metal peers and those influenced by this musical touchstone.

A mandatory (suicide) read for every SLAYER fan, and hopefully for those who write them off as Satanic Nazis and don't bother to learn more. A great read.

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