Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Destruction - Sentence of Death

EP, Steamhammer
September 3rd, 1984

Line Up:
Marcel Schmier - Vocals/Bass
Mike Sifringer - Guitar
Tommy Sandmann - Drums

The Metal Blade Records version released in the US had a different band photo on
the front cover

Re-released on CD by Steamhammer / SPV in 1988 (cat.-no. SPV 85-7529). This
edition includes the album "Infernal Overkill" on the same disc.

Tracklisting for Steamhammer re-issue:
01. Intro/Total Desaster
02. Black Mass
03. Mad Butcher
04. Satan's Vengeance
05. Devil's Soldiers
06. Invincible Force
07. Death Trap
08. The Ritual
09. Tormentor
10. Bestial Invasion
11. Thrash Attack
12. Antichrist
13. Black Death

A limited picture CD was released the same year without a front cover (cat.-no.
SPV 85-7535). It included "Sentence of Death" and the "Mad Butcher" EP.

Reissued by Vinyl Maniacs in 2005 on picture vinyl.

1. Intro
2. Total Desaster
3. Black Mass
4. Mad Butcher
5. Satan's Vengeance
6. Devil's Soldiers

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