Saturday, October 23, 2010

Angel Dust - Into the Dark Past

Full-length, Disaster Records / Scratch

Recorded at: Musiclab Studios, Berlin
Executive Producer: Harris Johns
Produced by: Tommy Ziegler
Front cover design: M. Appoldt
Back cover concept by: T. Ziegler

Released as Disaster 10004

Vocals, Guitars : Romme Keymer
Guitars : Andreas Lohrum
Bass : Frank Banx
Drums : Dirk Assmuth

The album is out of print but has been unofficially reissued in 2002-2003 with
bonus tracks (bootleg.)

1. Into the Dark Past
2. I'll Come Back
3. Legions of Destruction
4. Gambler
5. Fighter's Return
6. Atomic Roar
7. Victims of Madness
8. Marching for Revenge

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