Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whiplash: 25 Years of Thrash DVD....Coming Soon!

25 Years of Thrash will feature three brand new songs and will cover the true stories from band's history with Roadrunner Records and beyond, 1985-1990, 'Power And Pain', 'Ticket To Mayhem', 'Insult To Injury' The Massacre years, 1996-1998, 'Cult Of One', 'Sit Stand Kneel Prey'; 'Thrashback'." The package will include new & rare concert footage, photos, interviews and much more. "25 Years of Thrash" will take you back in time, hands on the mixing board in very raw setting as the band shares their experiences of the writing and recording of some of the best WHIPLASH albums released to date. "25 Years of Thrash" is set to release on an as-yet-undetermined record label.

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