Friday, May 7, 2010

Overkill- Power In Black (demo)

Demo, Independent

Recorded March-Sept, 1983."at two shitholes, Staten Island NY and Sterling NJ".

"Death Rider" appeared on Metal Massacre V in 1984. Most of the songs were written around 1982-83, with the notable exceptions of "The Beast Within" and "Raise the Dead", which are both from 1981 when Bobby G and Rich Conte were in the band.

"Dedicated to all the false faggot poser wimps of the clubs. Stick this tape up your ass."

"Cartridge must not be left exposed to direct sunlight, or else it will get fucked up. Leave in player when not in use."

Line Up:
Bobby Ellsworth (aka Blitz): Vocals
Bobby Gustafson: Guitar
Rat Skates: Drums
D.D Verni: Bass

1. Overkill
2. The Beast Within
3. There's No Tomorrow
4. Death Rider
5. Raise the Dead

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