Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Unofficial Online Overkill Tee-Shirt Encyclopedia
Take a trip through 25+ years of overkill shirts

A quick history lesson:

I'm a 23 year veteran of the metal scene, 35 years of age. Most of you know me as Drac, or bloodmetaldonor. the topic here is my collection of tee shirts by the BEST band in the world, OVERKILL !!! I first heard the boys back in 1988, when the hello from the gutter video was all over headbanger's ball. By late 1991, they had surpassed motley crue as my favorite band, and i guess 1993 is the official year that i started collecting. I found my first 'kill shirt in a mall, and once there was one, i had to have MORE !!

In the 17 years that have passed, i've been... "obsessively gathering" one of every official overkill shirt that i can find/afford !! Yes, i've even collected a few bootleg shirts that were cool enough to be worthy. During your travels you will see a few shirts that have the same print on them, and differ only by short sleeves and long sleeves. Yes, i consider these "different" and as such, need both versions in the collection.

Official shirts are posted in chronological order (to the best of my knowledge and ability) and split by decade. Bootleg and fanclub shirts have their own respective pages. Photos in the want list section are not in any order. Please keep in mind that i do NOT trade shirts, as i have nothing to trade!! If you have any shirts in my want list, here's a few ways to contact me:

email -

metal shirt collector forum - (sign up, look for bloodmetaldonor)

myspace -

Last note of importance, NONE of my shirts are for sale, so don't waste your time asking!! thanks and ENJOY!!

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