Sunday, May 2, 2010

Merciless Death - Evil in the Night

Full-length, Self-released
May 5th, 2006

Heavy Artillery has re-released Evil in the Night (on CD and LP) with new
artwork by Ed Repka.
The vinyl release was limited to 1000 copies:
First 100 on blood red vinyl, 100 more on splatter blue vinyl (both the red and blue ones also featured a poster and a patch) and 300 on black vinyl.

Later a PicLP version was released, limited to 500 copies.The artwork above was done by Ed Repka.
The artwork below is the original 1st print CD's (limited to 100 copies)
The song "Exumer" is featured on Earache's 2008 "Thrashing like a maniac"

1. Slaughter Lord
2. Deadly Assault
3. Command Death
4. Burn in Hell
5. Exumer
6. Act Of Violence
7. Final Slaughter
8. Ready To Kill

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