Friday, February 5, 2010

Vio-lence - Eternal Nightmare

Full-length, Mechanic Records

Dean Dell - Bass
Phil Demmel - Guitar
Robb Flynn - Guitar
Sean Killian - Vocals
Perry Strickland - Drums

Reissued in 2005 by Megaforce with a bonus live CD recorded in 2001 at the Slim's.
The tracklisting to the bonus CD is as follows:
1. "Liquid Courage"
2. "Ageless Eyes"
3. "Calling in the Coroner"
4. "World in a World"
5. "Officer Nice"
6. "Subterfuge"
7. "Kill on Command"
8. "Phobophobia"
9. "Bodies on Bodies"
10. "I Profit"
11. "T.D.S. (Take It as You Will)"
12. "Parapalegic"

1.Eternal Nightmare
2.Serial Killer
4.Calling In The Coroner
5.T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)
6.Bodies On Bodies
7.Kill On Command

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