Friday, February 5, 2010

Toxic Holocaust/Oprichniki Split

Split album, SAY-TEN Records

This split was released as 7"Ep on clear blue vinyl in 2003 and contains 2
tracks from each band. The story with this record goes that the first pressing of
the disc had each side incorrectly labeled (songs on side Oprichniki being Toxic
Holocaust and songs on side Toxic Holocaust being Oprichniki) but to all the
hassles and confusions with the pressing plant, the bands decided to release the
disc anyway.

There is also a very limited pressing tape version self-distributed by both
bands without a cover.

Tracklisting for the cassette release is:

Toxic Holocaust:
01. Follow and Believe
02. World at End
03. Nuclear Attack
04. At the End of My Rope
05. Creation
06. Blessed or Cursed?
07. New Dawn Fades (Joy Division Cover)

01. Time to Go
02. Unimportant Things
03. Idiot's Plea (Live)
04. Falling Down (Live)
05. Imprint (Live)

Toxic Holocaust
1.Follow and Believe
2.World at End

3.Time to Go
4.Unimportant Things

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