Friday, February 5, 2010

Toxic Holocaust - Hell on Earth

Full-length, Nuclear War Now!
October 31st, 2005

Released on 180 gram vinyl with gatefold jacket.
First pressing on Nuclear War Now! copies all containe 18" x 24"full color Hell on Earth poster.

First pressing info:
Regular edition: 1000 copies. (black vinyl)
Die-hard edition: 300 copies. (Comes with patch, sticker, poster on black/yellow colored vinyl)

LP version first press (black vinyl) had a misprint in the back cover saying: "Side Ratiation"

This was fixed for the second press/colored vinyl (white/yellow) version. White/Yellow version available in 1000 copies.

The last song, "Hell on Earth" includes a lead guitar solo by Bobby Steele (ex Misfits).

The cover art was done by Ed Repka, famous for his artwork for bands such as Death, Megadeth, Evildead, Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence, Possessed, and many

A limited 300 copies cassette version was released by the Canadian label, Harsh Brutal Cold Productions.

Picture disc version done by Hell's Headbangers with 333 copies in original press.Reissued by Relapse Records in 2008
100 Clear
300 Green
300 Black
300 Green/Black.

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