Sunday, February 14, 2010

Exodus - Bonded By Blood

Full-length, Torrid Records
April 25th, 1985

Paul Baloff - vocals
Gary Holt - guitar
Rick Hunolt - guitar
Rob McKillop - bass
Tom Hunting - drums

Some songs were co-written by Kirk Hammett.
The album was originally titled A Lesson in Violence, but had its name changed when a suitable cover idea could not be found. An advance cassette copy of the album (with the original title) was widely distributed through the tape-trading network upon the record's completion late in the summer of 1984, creating an immense underground buzz prior to the official release of the LP.
The release was delayed, however, due to problems with the artwork.

Later, the album was re-released on CD with just the logo and album name set against a black and red crowd shot.
The reissue includes two bonus live tracks, with Steve "Zetro" Souza on vocals (recorded live in London on March 8,1989):
10. And Then There Were None [4:51]
11. A Lesson in Violence [3:26]

These same bonus tracks are also included on the 1999 Century Media reissue, which restores the original cover.

1. Bonded by Blood
2. Exodus
3. And Then There Were None
4. A Lesson in Violence
5. Metal Command
6. Piranha
7. No Love
8. Deliver Us to Evil
9. Strike of the Beast

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