Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bitchslicer (Philadelphia, PA)

Taken from the Official Bitchslicer Website:

Bitchslicer is one of the most underrated bands in the tri-state area and definitely the most underrated thrash band out of Philadelphia. -

Philadelphia powerhouse, Bitchslicer, isn't your typical thrash band. Their "Fuck Yeah" sound is part King Gary's lightning fast guitar riffs with chaotic leads peeling into screaming harmonics that churn back to the crustiest head-banging progressions, filling out the low end is all heart-only playing bass for 8 weeks bassist old man Fran...all while Antman's ballsout super-tempo drumming does more than punctuate as he brings the feel of each song together with heavy-hitting insanity. It just keeps getting faster, better and heavier.

In May 2001, King Gary started jamming with Adam "The Law" Carson and Bitchslicer was born. Within a month, they had a full set and a bass player. The first few years were spent writing and recording as a studio project while King Gary secured a solid lineup. Between 2001 and 2002, Bitchslicer released their self titled demo and started recording tracks for Bitchslicer's first full-length release, 'Cum Inside'. Meanwhile King Gary and Kevin Riley started Worldeater Records ( in 2001, with King Gary doing all recording and production in his studio, The Deathstar. 'Cum Inside' was released on Worldeater in 2003 to local acclaim, great reviews and progressive sales online. Standing out from other thrash metal releases with gorey yet humorous aesthetics, frenzy paced tracks heavy with extraordinary metal guitar that honors traditional thrash while elevating each song with inventive riffs and techniques and a few surprising tracks that have noise and country influences.

2004 brought a limited 'Bitchslicer Live Friday the 13th' release, a Bitchslicer 3 song promo, a 6 disc '666 Noise Collection' and tracks recorded for the future release of 'Count Drunkula'. In 2005, Bitchslicer put out 'One for the Ladies Volume 1' and did 'Chthonic Cat Cult', a noise split with Oneiric Imperium. King Gary began laying the tracks for the next full length release, 'Lycanthropic Fellatio' while playing more local and regional shows to an ever-growing audience. As 'Lycanthropic Fellatio' was being finished in 2006, Bitchslicer began recording 'One for the Ladies Volume 2' and their next full length album, 'Sex with Sharks'. They did a 10 day, 10 show east coast summer tour and ended the year with more tracking and bigger future plans. In early 2007, 'Lycanthropic Fellatio' was released to enthusiastic reviews and grew their worldwide fanbase. Reviews and interviews spanned as far as Malaysia and Austria. One such review said: "Freaks with a fondness for skanks, porn, slasher flicks, and werewolf blowjobs should be lining up to buy this extremely worthy album for a CD collection begging for more maddening thrashing gore (".

Over the last few years, Bitchslicer's music has been used in several independent horror and porn films. Evil Awakening (by XPosse Productions) used about half of the songs from 'Cum Inside', Snuffed (by Not for the Squeamish Productions) used the 'Cum Inside' track "Snuffed" as their sole soundtrack. The Dead Live (by DBP Productions) used several tracks from 'Cum Inside'. The track "Drag my own Coffin to Hell" was used in 'I Wanna Fuck Your Face' ( and R.O.T.S. was written for Rise of the Scarecrows, which also used several songs from both 'Cum Inside' and 'Lycanthropic Fellatio'. Bitchslicer has had music on too many compilations to list. It's not surprising that when you Google "porno-thrash", over half of the results you get are for Bitchslicer.

King Gary decided in early 2007 to start a second record label, Obscenity Cult Records (, with Rich Horror and Robin Hoode and is putting out the more subversive bands and projects he's been recording on that label, including future Bitchslicer releases. In mid-2007, King Gary put out a four way split 7" on Obscenity Cult called Extreme Audio Gangbang Volume 1, featuring a new song by Bitchslicer, 'Night of the living bourbon' on purple vinyl. By the end of 2007, Bitchslicer played nearly 50 shows, averaging a show a week. CDs and shirts sold out and were reordered because of growing success and new shirts were made in anticipation for tour. Bitchslicer's next full length album, 'Sex with Sharks' has been mixed and mastered - release date is pending. The new album is the heaviest full length release yet and highlights everything that makes Bitchslicer ingenious.

In early 2008, the new Bitchslicer 7", Addicted to Porn was released on Obscenity Cult / Rusty Axe Records. It features the two brutal new tracks 'Addicted to Porn' and 'Gore Whore' on pink, purple and baby blue vinyl. Tracks for the next few limited releases, 'The Truth about Unicorns' and 'Demoni' and the next full length release, tentatively titled 'Sexually Transmitted Disaster' are already in the works, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has worked with Bitchslicer. Everything about Bitchslicer is relentlessly aggressive from their superior do it yourself production, to their diehard work ethic to the powerful performance they give no matter what the venue.

DISCOGRAPHY: 2002: Bitchslicer (6 Song Demo - limited release 13 Copies)

2003: Cum Inside (Full Length CD - 1,000 Copies Pressed)
2004: Friday the 13th (Live CD limited release 13 Copies)
2004: 3 song promo (limited give away release 100 Copies)
2004: Count Drunkula (for future release)
2004: 666 collection - The Walrus (limited release 100 copies)
2004: 666 collection - Texas Chainsaw Dance Party (100 copies)
2004: 666 collection - Separation Anxiety (limited release 100 copies)
2004: 666 collection - Eddie Torrez the Extra Testicle (100 copies)
2004: 666 collection - Candy (limited release 100 copies)
2004: 666 collection - Women - by Def Leppard (100 copies)
2005: One for the Ladies I (limited release 100 copies)
2005: Chthonic Cat Cult w/ Onieric Imperium (limited to 100 copies)
2005 / 2007: Lycanthropic Fellatio (Full Length CD - 1,000 copies)
2006: One for the Ladies II (for future release)
2006: The Truth about Unicorns (began tracking)
2006 / 2007: Sex with Sharks (currently in the mixing process)
2007: Demoni (began tracking)
2007: Sexually Transmitted Disaster (writing now)
2007: Extreme Audio Gangbang volume 01 (limited to 500 copies)
2008: Addicted to Porn (on pink, blue, & purple vinyl - 300 copies)
2008: Sex with Sharks (Full Length CD - Limited Small Run of 50)


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