Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Accused (Seattle, Washington)

Taken from the Accused Myspace page:

In 1981, three bored teens from Whidbey Island, Washington: Chewy, Dana & Tom, formed a punk rock band, called 'The Accüsed'. The isolation the island provided was both inspiring and maddening to the three youths. Whidbey Island had pretty much nothing but a U.S. Naval Base on the North end of it, with llama farming hippies, junior diesel mechanics and loggers to the south. Not exactly a population embracing punk rock or its lifestyle.
From day one, The Accused set their sites at getting off the island. In 1982 John Dahlin joined the trio to become Vocalist ; a big turning point for The Accused for suddenly the music they made was getting noticed enough to take them away from the Whidbey Island drudgery by landing them gigs in the big city of Seattle, Washington.

As each member saw their 18th birthday finally arrive, like Alcatrazz-jailbirds, the antsy teens left the island behind and turned their sights on the mainland; In 1983, they entered their first 'real' recording studio, Horizon; there they recorded
"Please Pardon Our Noise, It Is a Sound of Freedom" the split 12" L.P; with Burien, Washington punk icons' REJECTORS.

From 1983 til the present, The ACCUSED have:

Released 10 albums ('official' and otherwise)

Travelied through 49 U.S. States; and visited 20+ countries;
Then there's being in EVERY major heavy metal/hard rock/punk rock magazine and fanzine that would listen;

Creating a band mascot 'Martha Splatterhead' who, among other things, made VICE Magazine's 'Top Ten Metal Mascots of All Time'!!;

Inspired a 12-band 'Accused Tribute' record (Transparent Records-double-7 inch) AND
created their own musical genre: 'Splatter Rock' ! --- a musical mash of bloody, carnage-laden horror, marinated in a broth of metal and hardcore punk, simmering in a stew of un-thinkable brutality and eye-popping gore. Lyrically, they generally fixate on quick and painful revenge served upon those deserving of it and are obsessed with the viceral and varied ways
their long-time mascot, Martha Splatterhead, will bring dirtbags to justice for them.

......WHICH BRINGS US TO THE ACCUSED in 2010:............... As the band enters its THIRD DECADE, The Accused reign supreme as the mighty KINGS of SPLATTER; Their new 14-song full-length CD is OUT NOW, titled "The Curse of Martha Splatterhead", released by Southern Lord Records. On it, The Accused have delivered another gore-filled gem of short-attention span audio-obliteration and relentless sonic punishment; an up and down wretching rollercoaster ride through the darkest chasms of man's most terrifying nightmares which plays like some insane soundtrack to something you can't wake up from.

Rejectors/The Accüsed (Split album, 1983)

Mechanized Death (Demo, 1984)

Martha Splatterhead (EP, 1985)

The Return of... Martha Splatterhead (Full-length, 1986)

Archives Tapes 1981-86 (Best of/Compilation, 1987)

More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral (Full-length, 1987)

Hymns for the Deranged (EP, 1988)

Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told (Full-length, 1988)

The Accüsed/Morphius (Split album, 1989)

Grinning Like An Undertaker (Full-length, 1990)

Straight Razor (EP, 1991)

Straight Razor (Going For The Throat) (Single, 1992)

Splatter Rock (Full-length, 1992)

Murder in Berkeley (Single, 1993)

Paint It Red (Single, 2002)

Louder Than Hell (Split, 2005)

Oh Martha! (Full-length, 2005)

Baked Tapes (Best of/Compilation, 2006)

Why Even Try? (EP, 2007)

The Curse of Martha Splatterhead (Full-length, 2009)


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